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We just wanted to give a quick update on what is going on with the team. We have been hard at work over the past few months working on numerous cases that has really eaten into our time.
We are now in the middle of building our new website which will be packed with useful links, information and research articles. We hope to have this up and officially launched by January 2015.
to keep up to date on what we are doing please connect with us on facebook.

Firstly we would like to wish everyone a happy new year. we have started the year off running with a huge demand for our services from private clients.
We will be conducting our first location investigation of 2014 in february. we are keeping the location under wraps for the time being but all will be revealed in the near future.
We have recruited a full time location researcher. erica comes to us with a huge background in research and writting. she will be focused on all historical research on our locations aswell as documenting reports of previous sightings and activity.
we are also trialing some new investigators over the next few months.

by the end of february we will have uploaded 3 new investigations. we investigated the niddry street vaults in 2013 with the paranormal researchers & investigators australia, the urr valley hotel and a private residence.
all of this to come.

Well its been a while since we updated our news page so we have a lot of information to update you all on.
we have just returned from 2 months "holiday" where Darrens wife gave birth to their second daughter. The team are excited about the investigations that we have lined up through the remainder of 2013 where we are fully booked until december.
we uploaded 3 new investigations onto our webpage so please be sure to check them out.
we as always endeavour to assist all our domestic clients with top priority over all other cases so if you need our help please contact us immediately.

It was our 3rd birthday a few days ago (5th of April) and we celebrated in style by investigating inverary jail! we had a great time up in inverary and the investigation was really interesting. we are currently reviewing the footage from our night at the jail and have posted some preview photos on our facebook page so please check them out.
we are currently helping 2 private clients from different areas in scotland. we are working around the clock with the clients to come to a solution to there problems.

Well its been a really busy start to the year and we just havent found the time to keep the website news feed upto date with all thats been going on. We have uploaded 3 new investigations this year so far they can be found on our investigation page and there will be more to follow.
We have also been featured in The forfar dispatch news paper, an article was written about our investigation that we conducted there back in february.
we are also being filmed by a film crew from queen margeret university in edinburgh for a project that they are working on which will take place on thursday 14th of march.
members of the team will also be interviewed by a journalist from belgium on the same week and we will keep you updated with the outcome of that.
Lastly but certainly not least we are gearing up for a big investigation on the 23rd of march up in inverness at the gun lodge hotel. we will keep you posted on our progress with this investigation.

Firstly we would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. we have been busy working on different projects and helping clients over the busy festive period and also working on uploading some new investigations. we have just opened up our re-investigation at castle menzies page. please be sure to check it out.
2013 will see us working on some fantastic new projects and conducting some new experiments into the paranormal from all different avenues so be sure to check out regularly what we have been doing.


We have made some slight changes to our website and opened up a new page for you all to have a look and laugh at. please check out the teams out takes page. we are only human after all1

Well we have been busy working through the footage from woodchester mansion and have found some great evidence so far. We have also done some filming with stv at greyfriers graveyard and the final piece will be aired on the stv website this weekend so watch out for that!

We are now officially fully booked for the remainder of 2012!! we are currently filling up our 2013 calander! obviously our domestic/private residence clients will take priority even if we are fully booked!
Also we are interviewing and trying out possible new investigators who are looking to join our team.

We had a fantastic time down at woodchester mansion on the 7th of september. the team where joined by a local group from glouster and we were able to observe how they conducted some of their experiments.
We have spent the past week going over footage from the investigation with some interesting finds which we will post to the website at a later date.
Also to come will be our domestic investigation which will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks and a side trip to hailes castle which we did on the spur of the moment.
Keep checking back for updates!

well we have been busying away this week getting review completed and uploaded for 2 investigations which are now live! check out the cammo estate and the edinburgh vaults 2012. we have also been helping out a family in the fife area of scotland this past couple of weeks which has taken up a lot of time but we do feel that sense of pride when we can give a family the power to their own home back!
also we have some exciting news! we will be revisiting one of our favourite locations of 2011, we make our way to woodchester mansion in september! keep your eyes peeled for the uploads!

We have added a new page called "the epi in the media" this is were we will be posting any interviews that we do either on the radio, with papers/magazines, t.v or online interviews. although we do not want to become "famous" we do want to share with our friends what we have been doing.

Well we have been having a busy couple of weeks and the work load just keeps coming. we have been helping a family out in the fife area of scotland with the activity that has been taking place in their home. we hope to have an update on this case soon! we have also been asked to hold a public investigation and workshop at the old mill hotel in motherwell on saturday 30th of june! the team are excited about this and we will be joined by two of our trainee investigators on this one also. watch this space for a couple of new full time members!

We would like to wish all of you fathers out there a happy fathers day and in honour of all you amazing dads we have opened up our investigation page from franknesteins pub in edinburgh! so head on over and check it out!

we have been busy over this past weekend with training up our new investigator pauline and loading the evidence from castle menzies which we investigated on the 3rd of march 2012, be sure to check it out.
we have some exciting new locations lined up over the next couple of months and may sees us revisit a favourit location of ours, the niddry street vaults. this is a public investigation and tickets are avalible from www.ghostwatchuk.co.uk


The team have been working exhaustively over the past 2 weeks going over footage from our last 3 investigations. we hope to be uploading the first load of footage later in the month.

The Epi have been working their socks off over the past couple of month securiing some fantastic locations and planning re-visits to previous ones to further our research in the paranormal field. We have been putting together some new fantastic experiments that we will be putting into place over the next few investigations so watch out for those.
We are off to investigate Castle menzies on Saturday the 3rd of march which is going to be a great investigation and we will be joined by a member of the bbc scotland crew!

We have had a great few weeks off from investigating although during the festive period we have conducted an interview with bbc scotland for a project that they are currently working on. we kick 2012 off to a fantastic start with being invited to investigate niddry street vaults at the end of january then we head to bolton early february to investigate smithills hall and at the end of february we are investigating morcambe winter gardens. there will be a lot of big things happening within the epi this year keep checking back for updates.

The elite paranormal investigators have now conducted their final official investigation for 2011 and are now taking a well deserved break until after christmas. There is alot of things happening between now and 2012 with one of our team members getting married 5 days before christmas and planning of boofest 2012. we will also be opening our vaults investigation page on christmas eve as a christmas special for you all to enjoy over the festive period.

We are gearing up for our investigation this coming Monday (7th november) at edinburgh vaults. We take a trip deep underground to what once was one of edinburghs most busiest streets back in the 1600s.


The EPI have been busy over the past month reviewing footage from a domestic case that had come up and also reviewing footage from our investigation at the jamhouse in edinubrgh. we also conducted another investigation at hailes castle at the start of october. we are now gearing up for our investigation on halloween and our big upcoming investigation at edinburgh vaults in november. the team have been very busy with the organisation side of this and can not wait to let you all see what we have been able to catch evidence wise.

Also we have been fortunate enough to be asked by two charities to supply them with fundraising prizes which we have done so. the first fundraiser was for the lems charity night which was organised by keith armour at the king james thistle hotel and was very successful and the second one was for the craigentinny community center which is being held on the 29th of october.


We have had a busy weekend of investigating helping a family out with activity that was taking place at their home. we have enpowered the family with the knowladge and know how to take control of their home back.
We are also out investigating tonight at one of edinburghs top nightspots. we are not releasing the location at present but we will in the near future!
on saturday 1st of october we will also be out investigating down in the haddington area. keep an eye on our facebook for updates on this location. this is a re-visit after our first trip out was rained off.


The e.p.i are now fully booked right up until the end of 2011. We are investigating a famous location in edinburgh on the 26th of september where we will be jamming all night. we then move on to october 1st where we are investigating hailes castle. the team loved this location so much we decided we wanted to go back. And finaly we welcome cornwalls state of panic to edinburgh when we take on niddrys wynde aka niddry street vaults. keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting evidence being uploaded.

We pay tribute to our friends, families and colleuges in america on this sad day. to all of those who lost their lifes and to those families who lost loved ones. you are in our hearts.


The E.P.I can now reveal the location of our biggest investigation to date, as we ready for the off!
We are leaving Scotland and to say we're all excited really does go beyond anything, anyone of us can express.
Our skills take us on the path of 'Woodchester Mansion', which is steeped in history and indeed it's own intrigue!
Due to all previous support we know you'll be keen to find out all of the evidence we've been gifted!
We'll be delighted to be working along with a team from Cornwall 'State of Panic'! be sure to check them out.
Now for some sad news!
As we mentioned at the beginning of the year we where going to be Joined by Georgias 'Peach State Paranormal Investigations', Unfortunately and with deep sadness the Founder of the group has since passed away and the group have decided to take a break for a while.
The EPIs thoughts and prayers are with Jonis family.
R.I.P Joni Clements.

Also we have now opened up the investigation page from 'The Creepy Wee Pub'.

UPDATE! 08.05.11

The EPI have had a Domestic situation arise between our last three investigations. As always and with the understanding of all our clients, this had to take priority!

Activity in the house had been reported by family members, including the children. With an unsettled adult family member and five children in the house, the EPI were in at the earliest oppertunity!
For more information you can now go to Investigations and look for the latest Domestic in Edinburgh (27.03.11).

We are now able to arrange the reveals for our other clients and thereafter the evidence of the investigations will follow for, The Scottish Fisheries Museum, Whistle Binkies and The Creepy Wee Pub!

Thanks always for your support!


The EPI have been invited to do a radio interview in June 2011. All details will follow!

Evidence Upload

We have just loaded investigation which took place in 2010. Due to the nature of the investigation we have to keep the location undisclosed but can tell you that it was an old Railway Station.

We have now uploaded the 5 investigations that we promised which concluded with a Domestic investigation that the team done in November 2010 check out the investigation page and the evidence that the EPI where able to collect!

March Investigation

We stayed in Edinburgh for our investigation this month and visited Whistle Binkies on Edinburghs North Bridge. Stay tuned to see what lovely surprises the team got here.

Februarys Investigation

The Epi made the trip back accross the bridge to Anstruther to investigate The Scottish Fisheries Museum, with extream weather conditions adding to the atmosphere we had a fantastic investigation. All evidence to follow!


The Elite Paranormal Investigators hope you've all been enjoying the investigations we've posted from the Boofest Investigations, onwards!!
We have a hectic schedule mapped out for 2011 and are now all itching to get started!
Details of our next location will be posted on the 4th of February.
Our Google Rankings still 2nd in Scotland and 2nd in Edinburgh and as a result, has made us even more determined to stay hard and fast on our journey of communication!
The American team Peach State Paranormal Investigations will be arriving later on in the year to work with us, we are all looking forward to everything and what an honour!!!
We will investigate with them in Scotland and then all leave the country entirely to investigate a really massive, yet enticing location!
All details will be posted to the EPI and PSPI websites.
One of our team members favourite saying is ' there is never a dull moment ' and how true!
We've been very busy organising a double whammy Fundraiser since the end of 2010.
It's an amazing location, we're really excited about the entertainment and celebrity guests, raffle prizes are tip-top and we'll all be delighted to have an extra special guest in our midst!!!
All details will follow shortly.


The EPI promote in their healthy options for the under 18s to find out where they'd be best placed on a team and certainly practice what they preach!
It's been brought to our attention that a couple of our team members are either on, or mentioned on a couple of other investigation sites. The use of the footage or mention, in no way offends our members infact its quiet a compliment! The footage catches the members energy leave their body to assist Spirit!!! As awesome as the experience and footage is, the EPI would like to stipulate that this site has absolutely nothing to do with the EPI website, or investigative team!
Neither of the members are working with that team anymore, they weren't best placed, have moved on and have been with the EPI from the birth of the EPI.
As a team, we are more than in agreement that our evidence speaks for itself!!!


Well guys its 2011 a new year and some great investigations lined up starting with our first investigation in February at a museum (exact location not being disclosed for the time being). 2011 also sees the epi travel to America again for the second installment of boofest and the epi have also been invited to be guest speakers at a paranormal conference in Georgia!
We have so many great things in store for 2011 so keep your eyes peeled and checking out what we are upto.
HaPpY NeW YeAr from all at the elite paranormal investigators.

BooFest 2010

We have now opened two of our investigations from BooFest2010! The investigation at the undisclosed plantation and the second at Tybee Lighthouse! check them out on either the BooFest International page or on our investigations Page!

The BooFest Plantation investigation page will be opening on Monday the 13th of December 2010. We will then open a new investigation the week after untill all investigations from BooFest 2010 are open.

The review is nearly completed and Darren and Graeme will be hosting a team reveal to all other EPI members on the 12th of December. All evidence will be uploaded after this date.
Keep checking for the upload!

Sad News

We are saddened to have to report the loss of our client's husband from Poosie Nansies. Harry was a great man in the short time the EPI spent with him on location. Harry will be sadly missed be everyone. Gone but never forgotten.
Rest in Peace

Investigation Update!

The Elite Paranormal Investigators went to investigate Granton Gasworks Railway Station on August 24th 2010. After gathering all the evidence and taking ninety six (96) pieces of evidence back to the company in charge of the building for reveal, they have now decided that they don't want anything to go to press (website). We had Promised you all that the evidence would be loaded to our website and now have to apologise, unfortunately due to the circumstances! It was a facinating investigation and one of our best to date!
There's much more still to come as always including the EPI boys boofest 2010 evidence, the evidence from our Halloween 2010 investigation at The Smugglers Inn in anstruther and our services have been called for once more in another Edinburgh Domestic.
Many thanks for your loyalty as always.
The Elite Paranormal Investigators!

Halloween 2010!

The EPI can now reveal the location of the Halloween 2010 investigation. The team left Edinburgh to make the journey to the Kingdom of Fife to investigate The Smugglers Inn in Anstruther. The team where joined by 4 observers on this investigation who all played a key part!
Keep checking for the investigation page being launched over the next few weeks.

The EPI are very excited about our 2010 halloween investigation. The team will be leaving Edinburgh once more to embark on their travels to the kingdom of Fife where we will be investigating one of Fifes hidden treasures!
Keep checking for further details!

BOOfEST 2011

The EPI have been invited back to America by the PSPI for BooFest 2011. The EPI will travel over to Georgia in May of next year and then will be hosting PSPI in July/August 2011. BooFest 2011 is set to top boofest 2010 with much bigger and "crazier" investigations!


Do you think you have what it takes to be a paranormal investigator? Not sure where to start? Why not have a taste of what the life of a paranormal investigator is like by becoming an observer on one of the E.P.I investigations? just send us an email its that simple!

Poosie Nansies Tavern

The reveal for Poosie Nansie's tavern will unfortunately be delayed due to unforseen circumstances.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marian and Harry through this sad time.

The Evidence is absolutely facinating!

We will keep you posted on all the evidence going up, we'd like to say thank you for your patience.

Boo Fest International

Well Sadly BOOfEST has now come to an end but it wasnt all in vain. We had great personal experiences which is backed up by the evidence so far been reviewed. Keep checking the BOOfEST page for the evidence upload.

Boofest 2010 is nearly at an end and not without lack of experiences. We will upload all the evidence over the next few weeks. In the mean time if you want to see a sneak preview of some of the photos check out our official 2010 boofest facebook page.

The E.P.I team are heading off to America tomorrow (wednesday 15th September) to take part in the first Boo Fest International. This is a joint production put together by The Peach State Paranormal Investigators and The E.P.I. We will regularly be updating our new Boo Fest page so keep checking to see what is going on throughout our trip! and the first Boo Fest!


We have just recruited a new team member. We would like to give Tracey a warm welcome to the E.P.I and wish her all the best as our new investigator in training!

Upcoming Investigations

The E.P.I where invited out to investigate The Granton Railway Station in Edinburgh by National Grid and Pro-Scot PR. We spent 6 hours on site with some great experiances. Check back for the page being opened with the run down of what happened and the evidence upload!.

The E.P.I can now reveal the exact location of their investigation on Monday the 26th of July. The team went up to Mauchlin Ayrshire to investigate a 300 year old tavern called Poosie Nansies which has great history with the Laird himself Rabbie Burns!
Keep checking back for the evidence upload!


Some of the E.P.I team are off to investigate in America in September this year. We have been invited over by the Peach State Paranormal Investigators to help them on some of there upcoming cases.
Check them out on facebook!

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