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Below is some of the Equipement that The EPI use on each investigation. Scroll down to read discriptions on what and we we use certain peices of equipment.


Sony Handycam - We mount our Sony Handycam on to one of our Tripods and leave it static on most investigations. The camera has Night shot plus which is assisted with the additional Infra Red Light attached on top of the camera. The Camcorder uses 8cm DVD discs to record all Video and Audio. We use the Handycam to record any movement from our trigger objects that we set up during investigations and to document any visual or audio changes in the room that it is set up in.


Sony Handycam 106E - During investigations this camera is kept in motion recorded all experiments, EVP sessions and capturing all other Audio and Visual footage through the night. This camera records onto 8cm DVD discs and has Night shot plus which is assisted by the external Infra Red Light that is attached by an Arm and horseshoe. We attempted to capture Light Anomalies, Full bodied apparitions and EVPs with this Camera.

Digital Still Cameras - We have 4 main Digital Still Cameras that we use on location to capture and document any phenomenon that may occur that we can't see with our own eyes at the time. We have a wide range of cameras with different levels of Mega Pixels ranging from 8MP to 16MP. This helps us to determine if the lower/higher the pixel of the camera the more/less evidence is captured. Also we can assess if different brands work better than others.


The Trail Camera - Originally used for hunting dear and locating where they feed, whilst we were in the states we bought this camera to see whether it would capture any spirit activity. The camera is set up in one room (it can be moved) and is set to take 3 photographs within a 60 second period once the motion sensor has been activated. The camera has a 45 foot flash range and can also record in Infra Red. Along with taking photographs it also records video footage once activated.


Digital Voice Recorders - On any given investigation we try to cover as much ground with our voice recorders. We have at least 3 on each investigation. The voice recorders are used for Audio Recording/Documenting the proceedings of the investigation and also to conduct EVP sessions in the hope to capture any spirit voices that may want to communicate with us on the night. As we will not always hear the spirits talking to us on the night this is a great piece of equipment to have.

Infra Red Trip Beams - The trip beams are strategically set up on location to detect any unseen movement in a room. This model comes with an alarm/chime that sounds when the Infra Red beam is broken. The one thing to remember when setting up the trip beams is to try and keep them off the floor as Mice and Rats will also trigger the alarm.


Torch/Flashlights - This is a must have for every investigation. We go out in the dead of night in the pitch black looking for the unseen. The ground is often uneven and can be unsafe. A good torch/flashlight will help you find your way around any location. This is also a good tool to have if you start to feel uneasy or nervous as you can turn your light on and it will give you some comfort.

Ultra Violate Light - We have recently started to experiment with UV light and the theory of spirits/ghosts are attracted to UV light. It works like any other torch and is an interesting piece of equipment to have. The UV light pictured also has a white light and red laser light which is also useful for trying to point out specific areas of interest to fellow investigators.
WARNING: Please do not shine the laser light into yours or anyone else’s eyes or at Aircrafts.


First Aid Kit - Another must have on any investigation for obvious reasons. What we do is dangerous and accidents do happen. A basic family first aid kit will do the job. It is also a good idea to have someone on your team who is first aid qualified or at least has a good understanding of how to administer first aid!


2 way Walkie Talkies - Great for communicating on large locations. If you decide to do a loan vigil it is always a good idea of having a way to contact HQ if anything happens and if you split unto groups and need to re-group urgently. Some locations that you may visit won’t have a mobile phone signal, that’s where the walkie talkies work perfectly!


Tri-Pods - Used for steadying Digital Still Cameras to reduce shaking and blurred photos, we also use them for mounting Camcorders and the Trail Camera. Tri-pods are great for shooting at different height levels as the legs are fully adjustable and for getting that perfect steady shot that may have to be dismissed if you took it without the sturdy Tri-Pod.

8cm DVD discs - These are used in our Handycams to record Audio and Visual data. It is important to always check that the discs work before using them and are not damaged. These discs come with 30 minutes recording time and some come double sided.


Notepad - For transcribing personal experiences and logging data that is being collected during an investigation. All investigators should carry one. If two people experience the same phenomenon at two separate times it is easier to track if you have noted it in your book instead of having to guess what happened, when and where.


Infra Red Light - We attach the I.R light to our camcorders to give us a wider range and better quality of picture when shooting in the dark. These lights give an additional 40-50ft range on your standard Night Vision Camcorders. The lights screw in on top of your camcorders (if there is a horseshoe attachment) otherwise can be installed using an additional Arm.

Digital Thermometer - This thermometer works in two ways, 1. You can read the surface temperature of an object using the Laser attached or 2. You can read the ambient air temperature. We use the thermometer for detecting and recording cold/hot spots in rooms that may be felt by the investigator. It is also a great tool for the spirit/ghost to use to show that they are present by making significant drops in the temperature.


Portable Lights/Lamps - As not all locations that we investigate have electricity it is a good idea that when we are setting up our base room/area that we can have light to see what we are doing. Having some light in your base room can also act as a comfort for investigators who need to take some time out from the investigation.

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